Francophone Union of Internal Audit


The UFAI (Francophone Union of Internal Audit) is an association founded in 1988 following an initiative by the IFACI (French Institute of Internal Audit and Control) and associates the IIA global affiliates in countries totally or partially French-speaking, while taking into account the specific trait (cultural, economic…) of each of the affiliates.

The UFAI works closely with IIA Global to help affiliates promote the professional practice of internal audit and ensure they have the resources needed for their development.

In particular, the UFAI encourages the adoption of the IIA Global Standards, the code of ethics and the certification programs (specifically the CIA, a globally recognized certification).


The activities of the UFAI revolve around four major objectives:

  • In close cooperation with the IIA, the UFAI contributes to the establishment of internal auditors associations in French-speaking countries where they do not exist yet, and to the development of UFAI members.
  • The UFAI helps build the Affiliate Community of the IIA network in countries totally or partially French-speaking.
  • The UFAI ensures its affiliates have access to all the adapted resources of the IIA network they find necessary for their development.
  • The UFAI fosters and stimulates exchanges between various affiliates, the IIA and other partners.

The UFAI also organizes a biennial international conference. The 2018 conference, the organization of which was entrusted to the IIA Lebanon, will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UFAI.